Phanteks PH-F140TS 140mm Cooling Fan Review

Final Thoughts
When considering a case fan, typically, there are two important factors: Airflow (CFM), and noise (dB). If you’re a water cooler, you’ll also be interested in Static Pressure (h2o reading in mm). The PH-F140TS pushes an excellent amount of air whilst running almost silently. In our tests, it didn’t reduce the temperatures on my CPU cooler, but it managed to achieve the same performance with 800 less RPM than the fans it was compared with. It is also 8 dB (A) quieter than the comparison fans. In order for it to be audible at all I need to put my ear almost touching my chassis to hear it. In those regards, it’s an excellent choice to consider for your next (or next set) of case fans.

Aesthetically, the PH-F140TS looks awesome. The white fan housing isn’t something you see very often, and the blade color looks great, especially when spinning. Visually, the rounded corners again add a splash of “different” to a product that isn’t really very easy to customise, but they do cause a problem too, that is described below.

The inclusion of 120mm mounting holes is a great idea. It retains legacy compatibility, whilst being a larger and therefore higher performing product. However, due the the rounded corners, you cannot in fact mount the PH-F140TS in 140mm mounting locations that do not also have 120mm mounting holes. This makes mounting it on 140mm radiators impossible. Due to the size of the housing itself, you can’t use it on 120mm radiators larger than a single fan in width, because you can’t place the fans next to each other and retain compatibility with the radiators mounting points. At full speed the PH-F140TS has a static pressure rating of 1.21 mm h2o, which places it in the lower half of the performance scale for water cooling, so this product probably wasn’t designed for this application anyway. If you’re considering the PH-F140TS for your case fans, make sure that your case has 120mm mounting holes, even if it natively supports 140mm fans in that location.

Overall, the PH-F140TS is a solid performer, but the mounting system simply isn’t viable when trying to place the fans in sequence next to each other or on a radiator. The PH-140TS was designed for use on Phanteks’ CPU coolers, and it shows.

The PH-F140TS can be found for $19.99 at my favorite online retailer. ThinkComputers would like to award the PH-F140TS 140mm Cooling Fan a 7 out of 10 score.

– Great airflow performance
– Very quiet
– Looks excellent
– Lots of accessories in the box
– 120mm fan mounting holes retain legacy compatibility

– No 140mm mounting holes
– Simply isn’t going to work for water cooling