Rosewill R5 Mid Tower Case Review

When building a new system I think one of the hardest things to decide on is your case.  It is something you are going to have to look at every day and something you may want to show off at a LAN party.  With that said many people do not have the money for a flashy over-the-top computer case.  Many people would rather have a functional case than one that looks cool.  The Rosewill R5 Mid Tower Case comes in at about $70 and features 3 included fans, fan controller, USB 3.0 support and removable air filters.  Is the case for your next build?  Read on and find out!

Special thanks to Rosewill for providing us with the R5 Mid Tower Case to review.

Advanced Cooling System :
-Front 2 x 120mm Fan (pre-installed)
-Rear 1 x 120mm Fan (pre-installed)
-Bottom 1 x 120/140mm Fan (pre-installed)
-Top 2 x 120mm Fan (option)
-Side 2 x 120/140mm Fan (option)
-HDD 2 x 120mm Fan (option)
Easy to remove air filter (top, front and bottom)
Screw-less design for 5.25” Devices & 3.5 HDDs.
Mesh design front panel for better cooling performance.
Top mounted fan speed control.
Top mounted IO ports– 1 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 1x eSATA, Audio out, MIC in.
Advanced bottom-mounted PSU design.

The R5 comes in your typical case box.  On the front of the box you have a diagram of the case with many of the features outlined.  When you open the box up you will find the case nicely packaged and protected with 2 large pieces of styrofoam and inside of a plastic bag.

Rosewill R5 Mid Tower Case Review Rosewill R5 Mid Tower Case Review

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