Pivos XIOS DS Media Play Android Media Player Review

Final Thoughts
The Pivos XIOS DS Media Play is a very interesting device. While it is being marketed as a media player it sure does have a lot of other applications as well. But I have to say for being marketed as a media player the media player function its not the easiest to setup. You need some knowledge of Android to get it all working properly and the instructions that Pivos includes are not the best. If you are looking for a working out of the box media player something like an Apple TV or WDTV Live Hub might be a better option as they have pre-built media interfaces over their operating systems.

If you are ok with doing a little work to get the XIOS up and running you are getting a lot more than just a simple media player. Since it is built on Android you have all of the apps that are available on that platform. That means media player apps, music apps, games, productivity apps and much more. Want to play Anrgy Birds on your 55-inch TV? With the XIOS you can! Want to sit on the couch and browse your favorite websites? You can do that as well. This device could even be used as a test-bed for Android application builders.

While Pivos does include a remote with the XIOS, you really need a keyboard and mouse to help you get the device setup quickly. Android really is not designed to work with a remote and you will find that out within the first couple of minutes using the XIOS. Once you get things setup and you are using your favorite media center app the remote feels more at home. If you plan on doing any gaming or more productive things with the XIOS I would definitely recommend picking up a wireless keyboard and mouse.

The XIOS does have 3 USB ports and a microSD slot for storage and peripherals. This 3-inch by 3-inch footprint means you can fit it pretty much anywhere. Having Ethernet as well as WiFi as means you don’t need to run a long network cable into the living room.

The XIOS is selling for around $114 at my favorite online retailer. At that price and all the features you get it is well worth it, but if you are looking for a straight media player out of the box the XIOS might not be for you. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Pivos XIOS DS Media Play Android Media Player an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Small compact design
– Tons of apps available on Android
– Included remote and HDMI cable
– 3 USB ports
– Pivos is constantly updating the firmware
– Custom Linux XBMC firmware available

– Takes some time to set up
– Not a straight media player out of the box

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