PNY OTG Dual Interface Flash Drive Launched

You know that time when you wanted to watch that movie or series that you had on your standard flash drive and wanted to watch it on your tablet only to remember that your tablet doesn’t have a standard USB connection. Totally Uncool, until now.

OTG With Tablet

PNY has come out with a new convertible USB 2.0 Flash Drive called the “The On-The-Go USB Flash Drive” or OTG for short. With this device you have standard USB 2.0 Storage of 16 or 32 Gb. and the great part about it is this Flash drive also has an added Micro-USB male interface for your phone or Tablet.

PNY OTG Dual Interface

The cap less Duo-Link On the Go USB Flash drive was created for freeing up extra space on a smart phone or tablets while saving and using the apps and data later on with just a simple plug in and go. Great for movies, games, or a library of old Beatles Albums.

PNY OTG Plugged To Phone

The On-The-Go USB Flash Drive

• Interface: USB 2.0
• Storage Capacities: 16GB & 32GB
• Weight: 0.02LB
• Product Dimensions: 30mm x 10mm x 5mm
• Warranty: One-year warranty

PNY offers a one-year warranty on all USB Flash Drives, including the Duo-Link OTG. PNY Duo-Link OTG USB Flash Drives are available now for purchase at select e-tailers, retailers,, and through authorized PNY distribution partners.

PNY OTG USB interface

PNY OTG Mini-USB interface

More information here.

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