Possible AMD Radeon 300 Series Roadmap Leaked

A leaked slide from AMD’s graphics update presentation has hit the web showing AMD’s Radeon 300 Series roadmap, I guess if you want to believe the slide is real. The reason I say that is the slide is using different fonts that what we are used to seeing from official AMD slide, but we can’t count out this slide as being real.

AMD Radeon 300 Series Roadmap

I’m not sure how to really interpret this slide, but if you look at it, it seems that the Fiji GPUs will be coming later than the rest of the Radeon 300 series? This might actually be true, as we’ve been hearing rumors as such. The Fiji cards will be shown and announced at the E3 event June 16th, but won’t be available right after like the rest of the 300 series.

The slide does confirm the new GPU codenames:

– Fiji (new)
– Grenada (previously known as Hawaii)
– Antigua (previously known as Tonga)
– Trinidad (previously known as Curacao or Pitcairn)
– Tobago (previously known as Bonaire)
– Oland (unchanged)

One thing missing from the slide is the Fury branding and entry-level parts (R7 350/340). We assume the entry-level parts are going to be reserved for OEMs.

AMD’s 300 Series is expected to launch on June 16th, we hope to see all of the cards launched there, but we will see!

Source: VideoCardz | News Archive

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