Possible Radeon AMD R9 290X Release Date Revealed

So much news has been circulating around the social media lately about AMD’s latest release of the Radeon R9 290X graphics card. Online bulletins keep playing around with the official release dates while many wait in anticipation. It was only until the press gathering in Turkey that the guessing games were over and so much curiosity was put to an end by AMD as it announced the official release of its fastest and most high end product in line. The press NDA of all specifications will come to an end on 15th of October this year at exactly 12 AM EST (Berlin time).

AMD Radeon R9 290X

This closing time of the press NDA was part of the presentation by AMD at the press conference but the ending of the NDA does not necessarily ensure the availability of the product in the markets. For all we know, it could only mark the NDA expiry for the posting of reviews about the AMD reference-design R9 290X. This reference design is the only design will be available on the initial stages. The way AMD is handling the release of the Radeon R9 290X is quite similar to what NVIDIA did with the launch of the GTX TITAN; there will be absence of the non-reference design cards in the foreseeable future, with the exception of cards with factory-fitted full-coverage water-blocks.

Source: DonanimHaber | News Archive