Sharp’s first Windows 8 tablet has 10.1-inch, 2560 x 1600 IGZO Display

Sharp Corporation, a Japanese based manufacturer of electronics, surprises the world at the CEATEC show in Japan with the introduction of its Mebius Pad; Sharp’s very own Windows 8 tablet. Sharp has kicked off with its extraordinary performance with this newest tablet and the Mebius Pad surely breaks through the clutter with its resolution display of 2,560 x 1,600. This is quite dominant in the pool of other Windows 8 tablets as they all have max resolution of 1080p. The Microsoft’s incoming Surface 2 also forms part of this pool but surely we haven’t been bored by it yet and people would still be anticipating a look at another 4k tablet.

Sharp Mebius Pad

Sharp’s 10.1-inch IGZO panel which is widely known for its lower power credentials is something we are all looking forward to and might just be one of the strengths of the company but alongside this, the Mebius pad will run on the same old Intel quad-core Atom processor (Z3370) and as far as its performance on Windows tablets is concerned, we can’t be really sure of that. The basic model of Windows 8.1 will come with the Office for free but those looking forward to having the pro edition will be required to pay some extra bucks. Moreover, the Mebius Pad slabs are not only water proof but will also help fight against dust particles.

Sharp Mebius Pad

The CEATEC show in Japan provided an opportunity for onlookers to view the Mebius Pad with every detail focused on; they even provided magnifying glasses to get a closer and clearer look at the pixels. Those who have seen it claim that the screen looks good enough in flesh and the 10.1 inch display also offers satisfying brightness. This is hard to believe for some, considering that the tablet is powered by the not so favorite atom processor, but Sharp has done it and it truly is surprising. According to Sharp, the tablet is aimed towards the business use and hence comes with a stylus and additional resolution to facilitate documents and spreadsheets. The Mebius Pad also offers the maximum portability with its light weight and sleek design.

Images courtesy of Engadget.

Source: Engadget | News Archive