PowerSkin for iPhone 4 Review

Final Thoughts
So how much charge does that actual PowerSkin give you?  Well I decided to drain my iPhone down to 1 percent then went ahead and started charging it with the PowerSkin.  I was able to get my iPhone completely charged up to 100%.  Even better was that the PowerSkin still had some juice left it in.  After I was at 100% the PowerSkin showed 1 LED indicator of charge left.  This means that you will most definitely be able to get through a day with your iPhone being charged.

There is always a downside to a battery iPhone case.  It turns your elegant iPhone 4 into a brick really.  The extra weight and size really doubles the size of the phone, which makes the phone a bit clunky.  But as I said this is always the case when it comes to battery cases.  Also for those looking for a stylish case the PowerSkin is not it, it is pretty plain and simple.

As far as protection goes the PowerSkin does provide good protection.  It covers your iPhone like most cases so if you happen to drop your iPhone you shouldn’t worry about the case.

The soft rubber silicone makes the case comfortable to hold and easy to pickup, but as I said the size of the PowerSkin makes it seem a bit clunky.

The PowerSkin sells for about 69.99 at my favorite online retailer, which puts it on the high end of battery cases for the iPhone, but how many of those cases can provide as much charge as the PowerSkin?  With that being said ThinkComputers gives the PowerSkin for iPhone 4 a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Provides lots of charge
– Can charge and sync at the same time
– Provides good protection
– Charge on and off switch

– A little bit on the large side
– USB cable is proprietary

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