Prices Skyrocket On AMD RX Series Graphics Cards

This seems like it is 2013 all over again. There is another Cryptocurrency mining craze going on right now, it is Ethereum and it seems everyone is talking about it. At the beginning of May Ethereum was priced at $19, and is around $220 today. That is why prices of used Radeon RX Series graphics cards are skyrocketing! A quick search on eBay shows that many RX 480’s are selling for $400!

rx480 ebay

The Ethereum network was built to be resistant to ASIC hardware so you can mine it with normal graphics cards and we know from Bitcoin that AMD cards do it best. Since all of these cards are unavailable or sold out all over the place people looking for them have turned to eBay or other places where they can get the cards. This demand has caused a surge in prices, which is great for anyone who has one of these cards laying around.

Does this mean we are going to see more insane Cryptocurrency mining rigs? We sure hope so!

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