NVIDIA & AMD To Launch Mining-Oriented Graphics Cards

As we talked about yesterday prices are skyrocketing on AMD’s RX Series graphics cards. The big push behind this is new cryptocurrency’s, specifically Ethereum and Zcash. These are new lower-entry, ASIC-resistant mineable cryptocurrency. And as of late the prices have jumped up considerably, so people are once again looking to get on the mining craze, to build cryptocurrency mining rigs. You can’t buy any current AMD graphics card model at Newegg, everything is sold out.


While traditionally AMD graphics cards have been much better than their NVIDIA counterparts in mining environments, there have been recent specialized miners tailored for the Pascal architecture. As a result for the high demand of these cards (both AMD and NVIDIA), it seems both companies are working on specialized versions of their graphics cards specifically made for mining crypto-currency.

NVIDIA is said to be preparing a special edition GeForce GTX 1060 with their GP106-100 GPU, while AMD is rumored to be working on some adaptation of their Polaris graphics card as well. Apparently the NVIDIA cards will only have 90-day warranties on them, and will be cheaper than the “gaming” versions of the card.

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