Primochill Launches the Hasher Mining Case

Crypto-currency mining has been taking off like crazy as of late. Many people are making their own custom setups, but it now looks like there are a few case companies coming out with mining cases. One of those companies is Primochill with their release of the Hasher Mining Case.

Primochill Hasher

Primochill Hasher Mining Case

While we obviously know that graphics card makers are really benefiting from the mining craze other companies are making products specifically for mining. ASRock recently introduced motherboards specifically for mining and now Primochill has released their Hasher Mining case. The Hasher supports up to 4 power supplies, six graphics cards, two hard drives and a single motherboard.

Primochill Hasher

The Hasher is made of rugged 1-inch anodized extruded aluminum. What’s even better is that you can stack Hasher cases. Primochill says you can stack four of these cases with ease.

The case will be available the last week of February for $129.99.

Source: FrozenCPU | News Archive

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