PrimoChill Praxis WetBench Review

Unlike typical PC cases where you have a wide variety of options to choose from the test bench category is very limited. Having a test bench is great, it allows you to easily switch out hardware, monitor components and much more. We have two different test benches here at ThinkComputers and when we were building out our Z270 test system it was time to get third. Both of our previous test benches got the job done, but had certain things that we did not like. After doing some research the PrimoChill Praxis WetBench was at the top of our list. The motto for the Praxis is “A testbench with watercooling in mind” which definitely caught our attention. The biggest thing about many test benches is that really do not have radiator support, which is very disappointing as we use AiO’s for our test systems. Let’s jump in and see if the Praxis is the perfect test bench for us!

Length (Foot to Foot) | 461.8mm
Width (Front to Back | 483mm
Height (w/ GPU Bracket) | 440mm
Height (w/out GPU Bracket) | 330mm

Motherboards: mITX / mATX / ATX / eATX
Optical Drive: 2x 5.25″ drives (can support dual 5.25 bay reservoirs)
Storage Drives: 4x HDD/SSD (up to 3.5″ supported)
PSU: ATX PSU (up to 300mm supported)
Switches: 2x 22mm
Radiators:120mm through 360mm / 140mm though 280mm (thicker rads mount outside)

Frame: Powder Coated Steel
Accent: Acrylic

The Praxis WetBench comes in a pretty basic box. On the front of the box there is a small sticker showing you the version you’ve purchased. PrimoChill offers the WetBench in both white and black and you have quite a few different choices of accent colors. We went with the white frame with solid blue accents.

PrimoChill WetBench PrimoChill WetBench

Opening the box up you’ll find a large piece of foam protecting the pieces inside. At the center is a Hello message and your assembly instructions, be sure not to lose those! Upon taking all of the pieces out of the box we found a few Sour Patch Kids! This gives us something to snack on when we are putting the WetBench together!

PrimoChill WetBench PrimoChill WetBench

Getting everything out of the box you have quite a few different parts. I really like when cases or test benches come like this. It makes the whole thing a project and makes you appreciate the finish product a lot more.

PrimoChill WetBench

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