Programming and Coding Knowledge – Preparing Youth and Adults for the Future

Coding is the language that directs any smart device how to communicate and operate with the outside world. It is a modern language, and is absolutely essential to every area of business imaginable. Currently, there may be close to 23 million coders in the world. This number may reach 28 million within a five-year span. The UK takes the need for coding knowledge quite seriously. As such, several UK businesses have launched their own institute of coding. The reason being is that qualified coders and computer programmers are difficult to find, and retain. Professional companies like HackEDU are in high demand as they help schools and businesses with coding training for all ages.

The UK government co-funds the coding education initiative with 25 universities. The idea is that anyone can learn to code and program computers/smart devices. The field is wide open. Such knowledge can lead to careers that require problem solving and critical thinking skills for all things associated with IT. As such, careers and pay scales can be rewarding. The need for coding and programming skill across the world are so great that many education ministries are implementing programs that will teach young children to code at an early age.

The UK is one of 15 countries that teach coding in secondary schools. It is also one of nine countries pioneering the push to learn coding skills at primary school levels. Nearly 90 percent of all jobs require some level of IT skills. The UK predicts there will be a shortfall of nearly 800,000 people by 2020 with the skills needed to fill IT positions.

There will also be a shortfall of women coders. As such, there are numerous organizations trying to bring this message home to girls and women. According to UK government figures, the number of female tech employees is only 17 percent. Stereotyping of females is likely the cause. The industry has made computer programming the preserve of males. The goal of many learning institutions today is to convey the message that coding is not just for boys. With the right education, children can be far better equipped to prosper and earn a living in tomorrow’s world.

Training Tomorrow’s IT Workforce

Coding is the language of the next IT generation and beyond. It makes good sense that the earlier a person starts learning code, the easier it will be to master the field. However, it is essential to offer programming training and learning opportunities for people at both a young or advanced age. They can empower themselves through STEM courses.

Coding and Programming Education for Older Adults

Old dogs still need to learn new tricks. Older adults can learn programming skills to survive in a competitive job market. Many aged adults are aware they lack the programming and computers skills of a younger generation. This holds true as demand for digital training is growing all over the world. Furthering their education is often left to individuals. Not all companies offer assistance to re-train.

People born before the millennial generation will need to retrain to develop the digital skills that can make them employable for years to come. The UK offers a number of online destinations to learn coding. Such skills can be crucial for anyone over 50 looking to start a business as well. Re-training can also be critical for social media marketing and website development.

Learning to code can be a challenge. However, a new skill can pay big dividends in today’s age of information. A new career can mean a new lease on life for people and their families. Take the time to reexamine life. An online course can help prepare for the computer-literacy skills that employers demand. With greater knowledge comes greater confidence.

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