What is the Ideal Internet Speed to Play Online?

Is online gaming a part of your life? Online games including online casinos are the passion of many people. It’s a lot of fun to play matches with people from all over the world, and one round will never be the same as the other, which brings a great dynamism. However, one important question that runs through the minds of almost everyone who plays online is the ideal internet speed to play. After all, any catch can already disrupt the time to steal the flag of the opponent and win the game.

Another thing that is also not very clear is about the speed needed for computers and video games. Is it the same for both? Does one consume more than the other? All these doubts will be clarified here. Thus, when analyzing the results of a speed test, players will know whether or not they can play quietly with the connection to which they have access.

Ideal Speed ​​To Play Online

First, it is important to clarify that there are two different speeds in a connection: the download and the upload. Download is the speed available to download the required data. For example, in an FPS, each of the moves, shots, and jumps of all players must appear instantly to everyone, and it is this speed that will determine how fast the data will be downloaded.

Already the upload speed does the opposite: send your data to the server, so that all players receive the actions in real time. To note, playing online consumes a very large Internet band. On average, each minute demanded 1.7 Mb (30 kbps) of download and 2 Mb (35 kbps) of upload. A 2 Mbps connection is more than enough, as it offers approximately 250 kbps download and 50 kbps upload.

Is It Just The Speed ​​That Counts?

No. There is another factor that is so or more important and it is also informed in a speed test, which is Ping. Ping is the time it takes for an information packet to go to the server and back. The lower that value, the better, because the commands will be executed almost instantly. Generally, servers located in other countries make Ping go up quite a bit, since the distance the information has to go through is very large. Ping is measured in milliseconds. So having a Ping of 200 means that there will be a “delay” of 0.2 seconds in the game, which may seem little, but it can make all the difference.

Is There a Difference Between a Computer and a Video Game Regarding Ideal Speed?

Not really. One factor that makes the most difference is the server location: the closer you are to it, the higher the speed. So if the Battlefield 1 server for PS4 or Xbox One is in the same place as the PC server, then the speed will be pretty much the same. Another factor that can also make a difference is the type of connection: Wi-Fi generally performs a bit worse than cable Internet. So whenever possible connect your gaming computer or video game to your router using cables.

How to do Speed ​​Test?

To note, there are several sites that rely on this functionality. The process is quite simple and practical: just go to the site and wait for the test, which is done automatically. By knowing the speed of performance, you can choose an online game that matches the capacity of your device. Hopefully this article can provide a useful guide for you to play games online.

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