Reasons Why You Should Always Use VPN Software

If you are an internet user, it is important that you use VPN (Virtual Private Network). Most internet users have no idea how and why they should use it. It keeps your devices and internet connections secure. All the information you send or receive from your internet enabled device is encrypted. Therefore, no one else can use or access it. Note that the use of VPN does not replace the need for use of internet connections. For you to use it, you must be connected to the internet. The purpose of a secure connection is to encrypt all your internet traffic. Even your ISP cannot access your information online. Additionally, connecting securely hides your IP address. Here are top reasons why you should start using a virtual private network:

  1. Protect Your Privacy

If you are not using VPN, hackers, ISP, copyright trolls or the government can easily track all you do online. They will access your browsing history using your IP address. It protects your IP address. There are countries that monitor their citizen’s internet activities. You can bypass this using VPN.

  1. Geographical Restrictions

There are content that are only restricted to a certain geographical area. There are shows you might like to watch but you cannot because you are not in that particular geographical location. But with a private connection, you can easily access this content. VPN software enables you to change your IP address to that geographical location, allowing you to watch the geographically restricted content.

  1. Use Public Wi-Fi

You already know that using public internet exposes you to risks. Cybercriminals and trolls will easily track your browsing history if you are not protected. But with virtual private networks, you can use public internet without any worries. The cybercriminals will not be able to infiltrate to access your private browsing information.

  1. Get Access to ISP Restricted Websites

Some countries are banned from accessing particular websites. For example, China uses Great Firewall, to restrict its citizens from using Facebook, Google, YouTube, and twitter. Most schools use the same concept to restrict students from accessing certain websites. VPN gives you the freedom to bypass these restrictions and access any website you want.

  1. Secures VoIP Calls

VoIP enables you to effectively and affordably make calls over the internet. If you have not secured your internet connections, hackers can tap into your conversations. You can use VPN to secure your VoIP internet calls.

  1. Use Torrent

Most people use Torrent to download content. Most of this content, such as TV shows and Movies are illegally downloaded. Some ISPs do not support downloading content in some countries. Governments and copyright trolls use your IP address to track what you download. Your IP address is added to torrent swarm. If you share the content with others, their IP will be added to the torrent swarm too. The best way to prevent this is by using VPN.

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