All You Need to Know about GTA 5 Apk

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the latest entertainment products that have hit the market by storm.  It has sold more than 90 million copies translating to revenue of $6 million. The financial success of GTA 5 apk surpasses any media title in the past including music, books, games, and films because all the money is obtained from pure sales of the game.

What is GTA about?

The Grand Theft auto V is adult-oriented and has scenes not suitable for children.  As the player, you become part of the three criminals from Los Santos. The city is a fictional name for Los Angeles and the game consists of three gangsters. One of them is a middle-aged guy, who has re-entered the crime life after retiring initially.

The other two are a psychopath drug addict and a young man who has no experience in crime. As a player, you can be any of these three characters. The three gangsters go through a lot of drama in their work, which includes stealing cars, heists, revenging against their rivals and killing those who cross their way in the line of duty including policemen and innocent people.

The game is engaging as the criminals inhabit their own world, which is immense. They have the freedom to move around and do whatever they wish to. They can play golf or tennis in local country clubs and pilot ATVs and boats in a rural setting. Criminal acts are the main theme of the game but the player is also allowed to explore and enjoy side quests including tow-truck work and murder mysteries. In the near future, there will an online mode where 16 players will engage in these activities and play as a group.

Can Children play GTA 5 apk?

Parents should be aware that GTA 5 apk is a game full of gang violence, coarse language, alcohol, drugs, and nudity. While this game is extremely entertaining, it’s not for young children.  Players act as hardened and merciless criminals who kill anyone who cross their way including the police. While an adult can do it for fun and understands its purpose, children can easily get carried away.

The premeditated crimes can cause negative influence in children. Besides, there are sexual scenes where women are treated like sex objects where players touch female strippers inappropriately and fondle them. The game is clearly created for an adult audience.


The GTA 5 apk online game is exciting and takes you a world where life feels fluid. There are so many activities that you can engage in. It has a great design and you can explore the whole city for many hours and still remain as part of the story. Being in control feels extremely good.

The only drawback is that having three characters is hard for a beginner, but as you play and get used to it, the overall experience is amazing. It is an impressive game that will not disappoint you. With the glossy look and clear images, you will be deeply lost and busy in Los Santos in no time.

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