Promoting Your NFT Collection: 5 Easy Strategies For Success

The non-interchangeable and unique tokens, namely the Non-fungible Tokens, have been gleaning a lot of attention across the globe. During the pandemic, NFT has been the primary circuit for artists through which they spread and reconnected their art pieces to their fans. The big brands in different fields are also taking NFT to expand and promote their brand image, thus making NFT one of the most indispensable tools for branding and marketing.

The jaw-dropping sale of Beeple’s First 5,000 Days NFT last year, which sold for a whopping $69 million, snowballed their popularity. We will then give you the following strategies to help you succeed in marketing your NFT.

  1. Select the right media channel for your community

NFTs are gaining much importance in the realm of social media platforms which is the perfect place to start building a community. Some of the most popular platforms to market NFTs are the following:

  • Twitter– This microblog can help you create and be a part of conversations about NFTs, bringing attention and credibility to your NFT project. Twitter threads, a series of related tweets, are the perfect feature for breaking down big leads into pieces of information.
  • Discord– is a gaming-related platform in its nascency. However, it has become a powerful medium for instant messaging on topics related to NFT, crypto, and other digital assets.
  • Instagram– Since this social media is very visual in nature, it is only natural that Instagram allows an artist to promote their work in their purest form. It lets you build engaging galleries where you can quickly share so people can be in the loop with your creative process before releasing your NFT collections.
  1. Interact and Engage with your community

The first thing you can do is to identify your target audience. Then, the next step is to focus on your vision and create varying strategies to achieve them accordingly. See that these strategies are not short-sighted. Instead, focus on what you intend to obtain with the community you are in in the future.

  1. Leverage the use of WHITELIST

You can add your family members, close friends, influencers, and other people to your team in your whitelist so they can mint these digital tokens at lower NFT prices with a guaranteed slot before the mining craze begins. You can use this strategy to connect with more people, telling them that you have new and available NFT, and can add them to your list.

  1. Build captivating landing pages

Utilize search engine optimization strategies to drive traffic toward your landing page. This traffic will generate more leads and attention toward your NFT projects. It is best to include compelling imagery or videos and copy as well as a call-to-action (CTA) that may incorporate a subscription to receive updates on any NFT drops.

  1. Do Event Promotions

Be familiar with using NFT Calendar and NFT Drops Calendar. These are dedicated locations where you can submit your NFT drop as an event. There are a lot of NFT collectors and enthusiasts who are often checking these calendars.

Wrapping up

NFT promotion is an obligatory step in making your project successful. However, it is vital to note that the traditional forms of advertising might be a good fit for something so modern and controversial. You have to think about creating something that will work in the long run to drive community passion and engagement.