PSOhub – An All-in-One Integration Solution for HubSpot Users

Are you a HubSpot user searching for an all-in-one HubSpot Integration solution? If yes, you are in the right place. This post gives you insight into PSOhub, a HubSpot Project Management software.

What is PSOhub?

PSOhub offers an all-in-one platform to HubSpot users to manage several projects from a single screen. The main features of this HubSpot integration solution include:

  • Accessible task management
  • Expense tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Predictive project management
  • Self-driving time
  • Smart contract management

You can carry out all of these tasks using PSOhub as your HubSpot Project Management software seamlessly. The best part is that PSOhub can communicate in 2-way integration, something HubSpot users can benefit from. The PSOhub ecosystem comes with native integration features with accounting and project execution software.

Other Benefits for HubSpot Users

PSOhub is a smart and self-driving solution for professional service organizations. That is where it gets the “PSO” part of the name. On other hand, “hub” is an obvious indication that the main audience to benefit from this all-inclusive platform is the HubSpot user base.

You can also perform the following tasks on PSOhub:

  • Transition the deals into projects
  • Break down all your projects into smaller activities and tasks
  • Manage your contracts and projects
  • Leverage any project execution solution
  • Consistent communication with financial solutions such as Moneybird, Quickbook, etc.

These features allow you to keep everything under a single digital and smart hood. You will not only save time but also boost your efficiency and productivity. The smart invoicing option allows you to get faster payments.

5 HubSpot Integration Elements of PSOhub

Here are five major integration features that PSOhub packs within.

  1. Invoicing

Make your billing processing smarter and integrate PSOhub invoicing into your HubSpot timesheets, contracts, and contact records.

  1. Expense and Time Tracking

Creating accurate expense reports and timesheets has never been this easy. You can create automatic calendar integration with G-Suite, Outlook, smartphone app, and GPS tracking.

  1. Project Management

You get a smart dashboard to look at powerful visualization of your data and information at a glance. PSOhub will not only help with time management but also help keep the project within budget.

  1. Resource Management

You can see the resource capacity with the help of visual workload bars. This feature will allow you to allocate projects and assign a task to the right resource. Other elements include tracking team utilization, managing activities, and managing resources.

  1. Task Management

You can divide a project into small tangible pieces with checklists and tasks. This allows you to track a team’s and individual’s activities. Distribution, managing, and prioritizing your work has never been easier.

How to Integrate PSOhub into HubSpot

Integrating PSOhub into HubSpot is a simple 4-step process:

  • Authenticate your PSOhub and HubSpot
  • Select one app as a trigger and kick off the automation
  • Now go to the other app and select a resulting action there.
  • Now you can select the information or data you wish to send from HubSpot to PSOhub or vice versa.


Whether you are a HubSpot user or working on any other platform, PSOhub is an all-in-one HubSpot Integration platform to not only manage your projects but streamline your tasks, activities, manage invoices, and more. The best part is that you will be able to do it all from a single screen.