Quick 60-70 Leveling Guide for WoW Classic: Burning Crusade

A month and a half has passed since Blizzard opened the Dark Portal and millions of WoW Classic players descended into the shattered world of Outland to combat the Burning Legion and the other evils that lie beyond the portal. Many of us wish to reach level 70 as fast as possible and enjoy the high end game, raid the Black Temple, Mount Hyjal, obtain Gladiator gear through the Arena PvP system, but not of us are so lucky though, especially the new players who have no prior Burning Crusade experience with jobs eating our times. While not difficult, it is time consuming for non-experienced players to level from 60-70 and not to speak of 1-70 alone. You can use this quick guide to level quickly from level 60 to 70 in Burning Crusade Classic. It is a step-by-step and detailed route of what to do on our way to reach level 70 from the moment we go through the Dark Portal as fast as possible.

wow burning guide

This guide is intended to be completed both alone, as well as with a full group of friends or guild mates, and make our experience even more fun and efficient. It is a level focused on completing certain dungeons and clearing them completely over and over again. This can be tiresome but it

has two main reasons why we should do it. The following guide is intended for players who start at level 60, 58 will be fine as well. If you do not have at least 500 gold, it is best to buy TBC Classic gold from a website like Gold4Vanilla so you can complete the necessary upgrades as you progress through.

60-61 The Blood Furnace
We will need a total of 12 clean runs in The Blood Furnace to become honored with the Honor Hold and Thrallmar factions, we will stay until we reach level 61. We will find trash mobs of level 61-62 and bosses of level 62-63. Besides, we will have a shortcut once we kill the last boss to be able to get to the beginning quickly.

Return to Azeroth
We will not have class trainers in Shattrah, so we will have to go to Azeroth every time we want to learn new skills, for this we will follow the path to Zangarmarsh and take the flight routes in the area. For the Telredor Guard alliance and for the horde we will have two flights, one in Swamp Rat Guard and Zabra’jin Guard.

We will continue our way to Shattrah and once there we will choose to take the flight and the initial mission to choose between The Aldor or The Scryers. When we do we will use the hearthstone in the tavern keeper of the chosen faction and we will never change it again.

The Slave Pens
We can choose any of The Slave Pens or The Underbog, but the latter is more efficient in terms of experience and we can alternate them from 62 if it becomes too repetitive.

In The Slave Pens, we will find trash of 62-64 and bosses of 64, we will need a total of 10 runs to get honored with Cenarion Expedition. This dungeon does not have any kind of shortcut and we will have to walk the entire dungeon again to reset it, therefore, the best way to restart it will be with an alter and for the whole group to disconnect.

We will stay up to level 64.
We will leave the dungeon, go to Shattrah and use the portal to go to our city to learn new skills. 64-66 We will use the stone in Shattrah and head to the flight of Terokkar Forest where the horde will find it in Stonebreaker Grunt and the alliance in Allerian Defender.

Mana Tombs
We will find trash of level 64-66 and bosses of level 66, we will need a total of 9 runs to reach honored with Lower City. We will have a shortcut at the end of the dungeon. We will stay up to level 66.

66-68 Sethekk Halls
We will go to this dungeon to get the Shadow Labyrinth key which we will get in a chest at the end of it. We will find trash of level 67-69 and bosses of level 69. We will need 8 runs to reach honored with Lower City and we will stay until level 68 (recommended to be close to level 69).

68-70 Road to Karazhan
Here we will do the first missions that will allow us to enter Karazhan. We will go outside the tower of Medivh and talk with Archmage Alturus to complete the chain of missions that he gives us which will start with Arcane Disturbances and Restless Activity until he sends us again with Khadgar in Shattrah, but for now; we will not go and leave the pending mission to deliver.

Last but not least, this guide might be tiresome even with it’s simplicity. If you are that kind of player, you can considering using a powerleveling service or find WoW TBC accounts for sale.

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