Which is better for editing videos: Mac or PC?

Is this an old story: Mac or PC? There is no correct answer to this question. Each of these operating systems has its advantages and disadvantages. But what to consider when choosing the best OS for video editing? After all, everyone needs video content today, not just professional video editors to work.

What should you choose: Mac or PC? Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Hardware-Related Parameters to Review

The speed of the video editing process depends on the hardware quality. The amount of RAM and CPU power play a key role.

At first glance, the advantages here are on the Apple side. Although, you can always improve the hardware quality of your PC.

Software-Related Parameters to Review

The software must match the capabilities of your hardware. If the software exceeds the maximum performance that the hardware can support, it will not benefit you.

For example, Macs are supplied with iMovie. Therefore, the transition to a PC will be a real challenge for the user.

Another important point is to transfer the video to your computer. The PC is equipped with ports for direct connection. And Mac users may need an adapter. It all depends on what camera you work with.

Previous user experience plays an important role. For instance, If you already know how to compress a video on Mac, you probably won’t want to switch to another OS.

Why to use a ?

It should be recognized that the Mac is associated with success. This is exactly what the Mac video editor will say about the OS. But such associations do not arise without reason. What is the basis of Mac exclusivity?

Macs are Preferred by Creative Artists

Macs have been introduced as personal computing for creative work. Most graphic designers believe that Mac’s   As creative people, they appreciate the fashionable style of Mac. But paying tribute to trends is not the only advantage.

Macs are Historically Associated with Arts and Design

Back in the early 2000s, Apple advertised Mac as an OS for graphic designers and video editors. At that time, the PC did not consider this segment of the target audience separately.

Mac was actively used for teaching in creative schools. Therefore, graduates of these schools naturally choose what they are familiar with. They choose Mac.

In addition, Apple has constantly been working to improve the software to meet the needs of designers. We can say that thanks to proper marketing, Apple taught creative artists to choose Mac.

The Best Operating System for Working with Apple Devices

Apple is constantly releasing new gadgets. Of course, they are all perfectly compatible with Mac and only partially with PCs. It is more convenient for the owner of any Apple device to choose a Mac. And convenience is highly appreciated in the modern world.

Macs are Highly User-Friendly

Macs were created as computers with a user-friendly interface. Everything was the opposite with the early PCs.

Apple continues this good tradition today. Every year the software becomes more convenient thanks to new features. And users appreciate such care. Therefore, they choose Mac.

According to users, even today, iMovie is the simplest Mac video editing software. If you want to use it, you would need a Mac.

Apple has an Edge on Colors and Fonts

There are three important elements for a video editor: colors, fonts, and graphics. Apple is constantly improving each of these elements. Creative artists prefer the font standardization Mac offers. In addition, the color standards of Mac are the best for video design.

Why to use a PC?

PCs are associated with accessibility. They flooded offices and homes. Microsoft’s PCs are positioned as universal machines for both computing and gaming. What about video editing?

PCs are Cheaper

If we talk about the cost of the equipment with identical functions, the budget advantage is on the PC side.

For example, a powerful PC with everything you need to edit video will cost you $1,000. A MacBookPro will cost you more than $1,500. The conclusion is clear: PCs are cheaper than Macs.

PCs are More Compatible with Software

Due to the variety of software products, PCs are also better than Mac. The reason is better software compatibility.

The popular video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro is available for both Mac and PC. But features like Corel Video Studio and Pinnacle Studio can only be used by Windows users.

Large Scale Video Production Teams Use PCs Now

The production of large-scale commercial video requires the involvement of a large team. Several machines work on such projects at the same time. Therefore, investing in productive PCs is much more profitable than buying a lot of Macs.

And the PC allows you to do a special assembly and coexist with a large amount of equipment. Nobody will say that about Mac.

Upgrades are Readily Available

If you need an operating system that is constantly updated, then this is Windows. The Mac operating system is usually updated with the release of a new product. Therefore, this does not happen as often as with a PC.

Many users appreciate PCs because of the regular, frequent software updates. Video recording software is also updated periodically.

PCs have More Ports

There are no Mac ports on the devices. Apple just got rid of them as excessive items. The development of PCs has gone the other way, the ports have become even more in numbers.

Some users do not see any problem with this. According to others, it is impossible to work without USB ports and headphone jacks.

You Can Build a Custom PC

PCs can be assembled from scratch. And it’s really profitable. You can upgrade the amount of RAM or GPU units every few years instead of buying a new PC.

Apple does not create such opportunities. Mac works only at the factory assembly. Every few years, you will change Mac.

What do you choose?

As we see, it is impossible to draw an unambiguous conclusion. Mac and PC are like two separate universes with their own unique advantages.

If you need to fit into a certain budget, combine different types of software and hardware — your right choice is a PC.

If you value convenience and comfort, are accustomed to the Mac operating system, and want to use only it — your right choice is Mac.