Razer Viper 8K Gaming Mouse Launched With 8,000Hz Polling Rate

We all are aware of the awesome performance of the Razer Viper, but it looks like Razer has uplifted its game. The new Razer Viper 8KHz is officially announced and is the fastest gaming mouse in the world.


The 8k in the name refers to the mouse’s 8,000Hz polling rate making it 8 times faster than any other mouse in terms of data transfer. It is really hard to quantify this information, but this technical explanation might help:

Polling rate is the frequency at which a device reports data to the PC, with an industry-standard of up to 1000Hz (1000 times a second). Razer HyperPolling Technology utilizes a high-speed USB microcontroller to surpass this standard with a true polling rate of 8000Hz. This allows the Viper 8KHz to send up to eight times more data each second, effectively reducing input delay from 1ms to just 1/8th of a millisecond.”

The lower input delay issue is also solved. The Razer’s HyperPolling can easily sync its data transfer speeds with today’s fast gaming monitor providing accurate cursor position along with smoother movement and no stutters.

Other than the high polling rate, the Viper 8KHz has been equipped with the best state of the art technology by Razer while retaining the best features from its predecessor: SpeedFlex cable, ambidextrous body with eight programmable buttons, and lightweight construction.


The Viper 8KHz also features Razer’s latest second-generation optical switches and the latest Focus+ optical sensor, along with increased onboard storage to five unique profiles. Razer also allows you to connect the mouse to other devices without Synapse.

The Razer Viper 8KHz is priced at $80.

Via Razer