Reeven Justice CPU Cooler Review

Last month we took a look at Reeven’s Okeanos CPU Cooler, which performed quite well. It was a dual tower cooler, today we will be taking a look at their single-tower Justice (RC-1204) CPU cooler. This cooler features a wider aluminum fin surface that carries heat away faster, six 6mm nickel-plated copper heatpipes, and a 120 mm PWM fan. From the looks of it installation should be pretty simple with this cooler as well. Let’s jump in and see if the Justice can keep our Core i7-4790K nice and cool!

Special thanks to Reeven for providing us with the Justice CPU Cooler to review.


The Justice comes in nice and informative retail box. On one side you have a photo of the heatsink and it lets us know its compatibility, which is all modern Intel and AMD sockets.

Reeven Justice CPU Cooler

Flipping to the other side there is a full overview of the cooler giving its measurements and specifications.

Reeven Justice CPU Cooler

Opening the package up and getting everything out we have the Justice cooler with the fan attached, mounting hardware for both AMD and Intel, thermal paste, extra fan mounts, and the installation manual.

Reeven Justice CPU Cooler

Check out our full video review of the Justice below.

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