Retailers List Samsung T9 Portable SSDs For As Low As $215

Samsung appears to be gearing up to release new iterations of its existing Portable T7 SSD lineup, which first appeared on the market in early 2020. Recently, TechRadar noticed the emergence of multiple retail listings in Australia, France, and the Netherlands. However, it’s worth noting that this information was inadvertently leaked online and has since been removed by the respective organizations involved.


The response from Samsung’s Dutch branch has been delayed, with the “MU-PG2T0B” model portal still accessible (as of the current moment). In France, both Grosbill and had product listings for two T9 variants, available in 1 TB and 2 TB configurations, using the same product code. In Australia, similar information surfaced on the Microboss website. Notably, one of the French e-tailers’ specifications sheets indicated that the T9 SSD from Samsung offers peak read and write speeds of up to 2 GB/s.

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TechRadar speculates that Samsung may offer significant discounts on its current T7 models during the Black Friday sales week in November to make room for the upcoming T9 series. The publication managed to obtain some likely placeholder prices from its sources before they were taken down. For instance, listed the T9 SSD for €236.52 including VAT (approximately $250), while Grosbill Pro had it at just €199 (around $215), though it’s uncertain whether these prices include taxes. There’s also discussion about the possibility of Thunderbolt 4 connectivity being integrated, as the older T7 generation relies on the previous standard.


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Chart Source: TechSpot