Roblox vs Minecraft: Which One is Better Out of Both?

Today the popularity of online gaming platforms is soaring like anything; not only children but adults also find these online platforms very engaging and entertaining. They are also known as massively multiplayer online game aka MMO provide a platform to thousands of players online on the same server. They enable competition between players on a relatively large scale where the players can showcase their skills. These games are found in most of the network cable platforms, including the gaming console, personal computers or Smartphone and other supporting devices. There are many gameplay types and the most popular among them is the role-playing type.

Today we are going to talk about two very popular online gaming platforms which are Roblox and Minecraft and compare them and decide which is better in 2019.


It is game creation and online multiplayer gaming platform allowing the user to design their games and also play them created by the users making it more interesting. The hosting platform hosts game created by the users and virtual world covering a wide variety of genres, it covers from the traditional racing and obstacles games to simulations and role-playing games. Roblox has over 100 million active users.

The beta version was created in 2004 by David Baszucki and in that year he started the testing.

In 2007 a function was added in the platform that the users under thirteen years of age could use the predefined messages from the menu for a safer and a better experience. On May 2015 another feature was added increasing the graphic terrain and changing the physics engine to a more smoother and realistic style instead of the block-oriented style.

This platform allows the user to create games by using its very own propriety engine called Roblox Studio. The games are coded under an object-oriented programming system which utilizes the programming language Lua to manipulate and enhance the environment of the game. The users can create purchasable content through Roblox promo codes which is bought by other users through one time purchases and it also includes microtransactions through the product of the developer.

The developers get online currency called Rubex when a user buys their product and they can exchange those Rubex earned into real-world currency through a system called as Developer Exchange system. As they are earning the money on the platform of Roblox so a percentage of revenue is taken by the Roblox and the rest is given to the developer. Because of this, the popularity of this platform is increasing every day

Roblox allows the users to create, buy and sell virtual items. Players with the Builder Club membership can even sell clothes on the platform which anyone can buy. Limited items can only be traded with Builders club or sold on the catalog. The accessories, body parts, gears, and packages can only be sold by the Roblox administrator under the official account. Roblox holds many real-life and virtual events to get new ideas and to encourage users to play and earn more.


Minecraft was created by Swedish game developer Markus Persson and was released by Mojang in 2011. It is based on the creativity of the players and allows them to build different blocks in the 3D procedurally generated world. Multiple gameplay modes are available and not just limited to survival mode in which player is required to build their world and maintain health, it also includes a creative mode where players have access to unlimited resources to build their world. In addition, Minecraft allows their players to have the freedom of customizing their characters using free Minecraft skins online.


The Minecraft is a 3-dimensional sandbox game and is not very competitive as there are no set goals to accomplish by the players and the users are free on how to play the game. Furthermore, if a player wants to compete then there is an achievement mode also. The gameplay by default is in the first-person perspective but it is up to the players and they can change it to a third-person perspective. The game is composed basically of “blocks” signifying various objects like stones, tree, dirt, lava, and water everything is in the form of blocks. The main gameplay revolves around picking up the things and placing them as the users want in his or her world. The blocks are arranged in the 3D grid system which gives them a realistic look and also the players can mine the blocks and place them where ever they want to in the game.

The game is such created that the user feels it is an infinite world where they can build up their imagination and create their world. There are some limits in vertical movement as it is of no use having infinite vertical movement but Minecraft allows an infinite horizontal plane where players are free to place the objects where they want to.

The world is divided into many sections so as not to make the game monotonous and it contains jungles, deserts, snowfields, the terrain includes plains, mountains, water bodies, volcanoes and a day-night cycle which is 20 minutes in the real world.

Multiplayer mode

Minecraft allows direct game-to-game multiplayer mode where players are allowed to connect and communicate with each other in a single world. Players have the option either to host and let other players join the game or they can also join if someone else is hosting it. The host can restrict others through their unique usernames and also create custom rules for the server. The most popular server is visited by more than 14 million players and the name is Hypixel. In this mode, two players can engage in a combat that is player vs player to prove themselves.

Spectator mode

In this mode, players are allowed to fly through different blocks and watch the gameplay without even interacting with others. They are not allowed to use inventory but can teleport and watch other players from their perspective.

Creative mode

In this mode, the players have access to all the resources through the inventory option and remove or place the object instantly. Players can roam throughout the game and it does not affect them or they do not take any kind of damage due to hunger or any other cause. This mode helps the player to focus more on the game and to build and create projects and buildings of any size without any disturbance.

Survival mode

In this mode, the player has to collect resources such as stone and wood available in the surrounding environment to craft out certain items and blocks. The players are required to build shelters at night as monsters come out during this time and to survive the player needs a shelter. Different bars like hunger and health bars need to be filled periodically, health is depleted if the player falls or there is an attack from monsters or due to starvation or any other events. In peaceful difficulty the health bar is fine but in more difficulty level it needs to be replenished because if not done so the healing would automatically stop and the health level will fall. The health replenishes if the player has a full hunger bar.

The player can craft armors to save themselves from the attack and can also make weapons like a sword or a spear which allows the player to kill the animals and monsters more easily and to preserve the health and replenish his hunger. There is a level of things created by the as higher-level armor is more effective a higher level sword is more powerful. They can also build a furnace where they can cook food, process different ores for material resources and convert one material into another as per the need.

The players are allowed to carry a limited number of items in the inventory and if they die the things are automatically dropped and the players have to get them back once respawned. They can recover the dropped items if they can reach the place before five minutes of despawning. The enchanted items are more powerful and last longer than normal items.

Which is better?

After discussing, both the games are old school and would stand nowhere if compared to the new and modern games. The gameplay of Minecraft is of “blocks” and that of Roblox is “legos” and in my opinion, Minecraft has an edge over Roblox as is available on many platforms this quality makes it versatile and also it has various modes and also mini-games where the user can build and explore.

Roblox also lags because a player has to download Studios which can take several hours and no one likes to wait this is where the player’s excitement to play the game is lost. Some of the features and extras of Roblox are very lame and people just get bored on the other hand Minecraft provides surprises on every corner.

It can finally be said that in 2019 Minecraft is way better than Roblox.

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