ROCCAT Siru Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Testing and Conclusion
Roccat has been in the gaming industry for quite a while now and it really shows with the thoughtful design of the Roccat Siru. It is amazing how thin they were able to make the Siru. It’s so low-profile, you won’t even know that it’s there. To test the Roccat Siru I used the Roccat Kone XTD Gaming mouse, Logitech MX518, Razer Mamba and a normal Microsoft Intelli mouse. As listed before the Roccat Siru has been tested and works with a 16800 DPI mouse, this is made possible thanks to the texture of the Siru. To set up the Roccat Siru all you have to do is peel off the protective backing, then line it up with the desired area of your desk.

Now that we have it setup on our desk let’s get to some of the fun stuff. One of the things which is a little different to get used is that the Roccat Siru has a smoother glide then most cloth mouse pads, which also means it’s a faster slide and movement on the screen. All mice seemed to fare well on the Roccat Siru, the Microsoft mouse had some issues with tracking but once you get used to the movement it was fine. Most users will have to change around their DPI settings on their mouse as the surface of the Roccat Siru is in a league of its own. I had to go down from my normal DPI setting with my Roccat Kone XTD which was at 1800 and bring it down to around 1300-1400 DPI to get accustomed to it again. I have been slowly bringing it back up to my 1800 DPI. Now for high DPI gamers and users, you will love the Roccat Siru as it is set for high DPI usage.

The Roccat Siru is pretty easy to clean since you can peel it off your desk. The past 2 weeks I have been on the road for work. I have been sticking the Roccat Siru to the top of my laptop and using it while I have been out on the go. It has come in handy at hotel tables, kitchen tables, and almost any of the surfaces I would be using weren’t really setup for mice. All around the Roccat Siru has been a good mouse pad and can truly be taken anywhere and can be cleaned pretty fast over your traditional mouse pads.

Overall gives the Roccat Siru mouse pad an 8 out of 10 score. Currently you can find the Roccat Siru at my favorite online retailer for around $15.

– Super Thin
– Non slip backing
– Works well with high DPI mice
– Good for traveling

– Took some time to get used to

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