ROCCAT Tyon Gaming Mouse Review

ROCCAT Software
Since we’ve been reviewing ROCCAT’s products we have always been impressed with their configuration software and that is no different than the “driver” for the Tyon that you can easily download off of ROCCAT’s website. One installed you can open up the configuration menu and really customize your mouse.

The first screen is the “Main Control” tab. Here you can set the sensitivty, vertical scroll speed, horizontal tilt speed, the 5 different DPI levels, and the double click speed. You will also notice at the bottom there are 5 profiles available and you have the ability to load and save profiles.


Moving over to the next tab we have button assignment. Here you can assign buttons for both normal mouse operation and ROCCAT’s Easy-Shift[+] function, which gives you basically another who set of functions for the mouse.



When you go to change a button assignment you have quite a lot to choose from, ROCCAT has even added macros and presets for your favorite games and applications.


Next we have Advanced Control. Here you can adjust the sensitivity on the X/Y axis, turn the tracking control unit and distance control unit on and off, set the polling rate, setup sound feedback for different actions, define the Windows pointer speed, calibrate the X-Celerator (thumb paddle), and factory reset the driver.


On to color control this is where you can set the color of the lighting for the scroll wheel and the LED strip and goes all the way around the mouse. They can be set independently to any color you wish. You can also have breathing, blinking, and heartbeat effect as well as have the mouse cycle between colors.


To show off some of the colors and how you can have the scroll wheel different colors we have taken the below photos.

14 15 16 17 18 19

ROCCAT’s R.A.D. or ROCCAT Achievement Display will show you real-time statistics on mouse click and other cool information as well as give you achievements for certain things. It is pretty cool to be able to track how many times you’ve hit a certain button or the distance you’ve moved the mouse.


The last tab is Update / Support which allows you to easily update the drivers and firmware on the mouse as well as get online support. When you first install the driver software it actually automatically updates the firmware on the mouse to the latest version.


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