Rockstar Games’ Best Ever Characters

Rockstar Games are known for their huge worlds and their dedication to a brilliant storyline, but most of all they are loved for their total devotion to character progression. Each of their main characters has a compelling backstory and most develop a huge amount as people over the course of a game. Of course there are some villains who never change and some heroes who just can’t seem to drop the heroism, but by and large Rockstar is a fan of development. So without further ado, here are some of Rockstar Games’ best ever characters.

Reverend Swanson

One thing you could never accuse Rockstar of is making one-dimensional characters and this next guy is about as multi-dimensional as they come. Reverend Swanson is not your typical clergyman, he’s a terrible drunk and as it turns out an absolutely useless gambler. The first time you have to help him out of trouble he’s losing, badly, in a game of poker. After physically removing him from the table, it’s up to you to set things straight. You’ll be pleased if you know your poker terms before you embark on this mission, but for anyone with a basic knowledge of the game, it’s easy enough to undo Reverend Swanson’s damage. Unfortunately for both you and Swanson, this certainly won’t be the last time you help him out of trouble. Despite his love for the Lord, this man just cannot set himself on the right path. You’ll find him frequenting places he shouldn’t be, annoying people at your camp, and generally making a nuisance of himself on numerous occasions throughout the game. Annoying though he is, he’s lovable enough to make you feel compelled to help out.

Luis Fernando Lopez

If you’re after a cold-hearted killer then it doesn’t get much colder than Luis Fernando Lopez. Although he’s not one of the main characters in the Grand Theft Auto series, his role as the bodyguard of Gay Tony won him a lot of support from fans of the game. There is one scenario in which he does become the protagonist, this section of gameplay is one of the greatest installments of all time and is called The Ballad of Gay Tony. In this part of the game Luis is forced into all kinds of difficult situations by his boss Tony, but he seems to take them all in his stride. He keeps his cards close to his chest, never showing an emotion, unless lust for murder counts? By the end of this section he’ll be given a choice, to kill Tony, or not. Whether this is his first show of emotion, or just a calculated decision, we may never know, but he spares Tony anyway.

Max Payne

The first eponymous character on this list and the main protagonist of his series, Max Payne is a complex character. He starts the game as a straightforward cop, who works hard and enjoys his job, is dedicated to his family and lives a relatively normal life. However, after the murder of his family he seeks vigilante justice. Like Luis Fernando Lopez, Payne becomes cold. His frequent cynical mutterings give a terrifying insight into the workings of his warped mind. A brilliant character, who despite his quirks, is impossible to hate.