RTX 3070 Ti GPU Heist in Russia Leads to Arrests

With the invasion of Ukraine by Russia both AMD and NVIDIA announced that they would be pulling all of their products from Russia. This obviously makes any of their products still in the country a hot ticket item. As supply of a product goes down prices inevitability go up. This change of events caused workers of a Russian company called “Wildberries” to steal 20 GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics cards from the warehouse they were being stored in. With the prices of GPUs skyrocketing in Russia these cards were valued at 200K roubles (~$1931) each, making the haul worth around $38,620.

gpu heist russia 1

The men actually had no problems stealing the card, the heist went off without incident. The criminals were eventually caught when they tried to flip the cards at a local pawn shop and the owner contacted the authorities. The criminals were eventually arrested and the card returned to the rightful owners. As Russia gets cut off from western technology we can expect to see more reports like this.

Via Mash, TechPowerUp!

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