NVIDIA’s H100 Hopper GPU for High Performance Computing Leaked

NVIDIA’s CEO Jansen Huang is all set to announce the new H100 Series for data centers. There will be a special GTC opening keynote event during which the CEO will reveal all details. There has already been some leaked information regarding the new Hopper GH100 GPU ahead of the announcement.

NVIDIA H100 Family

What we already know is that the GH100 is a powerhouse of a GPU featuring six Graphics Processing Clusters. On top of this, there are a total of 144 Streaming Multiprocessors. It has also been reported earlier this day that one of the GPCs is slightly different because of the support graphics and the render engine. The new 5nm GPU will come with 6 stacks of High Bandwidth Memory. However, we are not yet sure if all these six stacks will be used or not since the full specs haven’t been made available as of yet.

NVIDIA Hopper H100 1200x605 1

NVIDIA is expected to roll out a few other products based on this GH100 GPU. These include the DGX H100 Super Pod, the DGX H100 station as well as the H100 card based on the SXM for the DGX mainboard. In addition to this, NVIDIA is also going to announce PCIe based H100 model.

Via Videocardz