Seagate Announces 20TB SkyHawk AI Hard Drive

As part of the mass-data storage infrastructure solutions, Seagate has announced the newest SkyHawk AI 20 TB hard disk drive (HDD). This comes as an addition to a long list of Seagate’s existing line of video imaging and analytics (VIA) devices. This has been specifically designed keeping in mind the network video recorders (NVRs). The addition of AI has helped with edge security applications.

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The SkyHawk AI 20 TB HDD has been designed in such a way that it can easily adapt to the user’s environment and will support up to 64 HD video streams and 32 AI streams. It will also be able to support large amounts of AI workloads. The SkyHawk will side by side record video footage while supporting GPU analytics at the same time. This confirms that the hard drive has been specially designed to fit into the growing needs of advanced VIA systems.

Thanks to the integration of the ImagePerfect AI firmware, the drive has the capability to deliver zero dropped frames even during heavy workloads. You can certainly get high reliability with a mean time of two million hours and a workload rate of 550 TB/year. This is at least three times more than what the standard VIA drives have been designed to handle.


The SkyHawk Health Management is another interesting feature on the drive. It actively protects the VIA storage of users by monitoring environmental and usage conditions based on which it will recommend any corrective actions if needed. Additionally, the Rescue Data Recovery Services spanning over a timeline of three years is going to provide users with the chance to recover their data in case there is an unexpected loss of power or a user error. The SkyHawk AI 20 TB will be mass shipped this month and is priced at $529.99.