GPU Prices Are Finally Dropping, March Data Shows 10-13% Drop on eBay Listings

It has been a year since we saw the first of the Hardware Unboxed GPU Price update videos. They had been hoping they wouldn’t need to continue making these videos for long as the situation was expected to get better by this month but unfortunately that was not the case.

In terms of availability, however, the market has shown an improvement in this month. This situation holds true even for the US market where nearly all cards are available for sale on Newegg. NVIDIA has also lowered its GPU prices for the board partners according to some reports. This still hasn’t been confirmed but if it holds any truth then that means there would be another reduction coming up in the coming weeks. This reduction is likely to come slowly as it is not like the official price cuts and promotions.

Despite this good news, the GPU prices still don’t stand at the optimum level but they are still very close. It is being reported that some lower end SKUs which were only launched at the start of the year are available with just 20% inflated rates. Surprisingly enough, the cards which were launched before covid-19 are expected to go much higher than this.

The listings on Newegg show 38% and 50% higher than MSRP prices for the Radeon RX 6000 series and the GeForce RTX 30 series respectively. On eBay, on the other hand, the price listed shows a drop by 10% for the RTX 30 series and 13% for Radeon RX 6000 series respectively. It would be interesting to know the different pricing policy; eBay scalper pricing shows the average price but Newegg on the other hand shows the lowest.