Intel Arc A370M Benchmarked In Ashes Of The Singularity

We are still far from seeing the discrete GPU series from Intel, however, we do know that the testing has finally begun, and not just that but we have also got our hands on the results from the very first of the testing.

Intel Arc A370M AOTS 1 1200x553 1

The Ashes of the Singularity in-game test is the first leaked GPU benchmark. Despite this benchmark being years and years old, it is still being used by many reviewers as well as engineers who would like to review the graphics performance on new chips. It is noteworthy here that this benchmark does not provide accurate results or comparison nor is it useful in providing any sort of details about the GPU that has been tested. All we know so far is that Arc A370M graphics is being tested on a laptop which has an Alder Lake i7-12700H processor.

What we know about the Alder Lake i7-12700H is that it is a fully implemented DG2-128EU GPU with a 64-bit bus and a 4 GB GDDR memory. From what we know from Intel itself, this is a lower end GPU solution that will still offer twice the performance of an integrated Xe-LP GPU.

ARC A370M ranking 2

Two tests so far have been conducted for the A370M using the Min_1080p preset with a DirectX 11 API. It managed to score 3500 once and 3600 the next time with an average framerate of 36.9 and 38.3 respectively. These scores don’t appear to be impressive at all and provided all the hassle of finding test entries in the AotS database, it surely doesn’t seem worth it. This forces us to wonder whether the AotS should still be considered a modern solution for GPU testing.

Via VideoCardz