Intel Ponte Vecchio’s HPC GPU Successor Will Be Named As “Rialto Bridge”

It has been confirmed that NVIDIA’s newest H100 Tensor Core might not be launching any time before the Q3. This timeline gives enough time to the competitors to rethink about their launch schedules and also be fully prepared for the successors.

Moore’s Law Is Dead Youtube channel already has a codename for Intel Ponte Vecchio’s successor. Another GPU which has apparently been named as the Rialto Bridge is going to be released next year. It looks quite obvious now that Intel will keep using bridge names to codename their GPUs.

Even before AMD announced the MI250X and NVIDIA the H100, the HPC GPU Intel Ponte Vecchio was already announced. However, Intel is still refraining from sharing any details regarding the launch date. We only know that it is expected to launch later this year.

intel rialto ridge

This GPU which is based on the Xe HPC features 100B transistors and comes with two compute dies, each of which is 640 mm. This is smaller than both the Aldebaran as well as the GH100 dies. As opposed to the Hopper GPU, 47 different tiles have been used on the Ponte Vecchio alongside various other process technologies, from external foundries and Intel both. As this sounds pretty complex as it is, it is understandable why the packaging processes might be taking longer than usual.

At least we now have confirmed code names for the future HPC GPUs which are all set to launch between 2022 – 2024. The NVIDIA B100 is codenamed the Blackwell, then there is the AMD Instinct MI300 (CDNA3) and the Intel Rialto Bridge (Xe-HPC2).

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Via CNET, VideoCardz