Sabrent Introduces Rocket XTRM-Q 16TB External Thunderbolt SSD

The majority of the Industry has shifted to SSDs. Considering the better performance and the falling prices of NAND, SSD is the right choice. However, in the external storage market, HDDs still hold a significant share as they offer extensive storage at a nominal price.

sabrent 16TB SSD 3

Now, Sabrent is supporting the External SSDs segment with its new Rocket XTRM-Q external SSD. This 16 GB external SSD connects to your PC or laptop through a Thunderbolt 3 cable. It is based on two separate 8 GB SSDs, and you can use both separately through the RAID-1 to mirror data or through RAID-0 for peak performance. As per Sabrent, the SSD offers a read speed of up to 1,400MB/sec in RAID-1 and up to 2800MB/sec in RAID-0.

The Rocket is also equipped with an aluminum enclosure to dissipate heat quickly. The SSD comes with a Thunderbolt 3 cable and a proprietary power adapter. Unfortunately, Sabrent has not provided details regarding Warranty or write Endurance.

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As far as the pricing is concerned, the SSD is available on Amazon for $2,899.99. It is pricier as compared to Western’s 4 TB external SSD with a USB connection, which is available on Amazon for $579.99. Moreover, a G-tech based 18 TB HDD is available on Amazon for $549.99.