Sabrent Rocket DDR5-4800 32GB Memory Kit Review

Final Thoughts

At first glance the Sabrent Rocket DDR5 memory might just seem like a pretty basic kit, but there is a lot more than meets the eye here. Yes, it does not have any crazy heatspreaders or RGB lighting, but you can push this memory quite far. While you are just going to get JEDEC speeds of 4800 MHz, we were able to get this memory up to 6000 MHz using the enhanced memory profile option in our BIOS. On top of that we are running at lower timings at that speed too!

Seeing a 1200 MHz overclock on DDR5 memory is quite impressive. Now I know we don’t have XMP profiles here, but I think that is the point of this memory. If you tinker around with it, you can really push it to its limits. The fact that you can get lower timings at both 4800 MHz and even 6000 MHz is impressive to.

At its stock speed of 4800 MHz the kit went head to head with the Crucial DDR5-4800 32GB Memory Kit we reviewed previous. In our tests it traded blows with that kit, but I do have to say this kit looks a lot better. Remember the Crucial kit has bare ICs while we do have the “sticker” on these kits, which is actually a thin piece of copper that also aids in cooling.

Sabrent is currently offering this memory in single DIMMs only, so you can pick up a single 16GB module for $129.99 or two 16GB modules for $259.98. It is worth noting that you do need to register the memory to get the full 5 year warranty as well. I think if you plan to push this memory or have an ASUS board with the Enhanced Memory Profile you really are going to get a lot of value out of this memory. But there are other modules out there around the same price that are faster out of the box. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Sabrent Rocket DDR5-4800 32GB Memory Kit an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10

– Can be pushed quite far
– Can easily be run at lower timings
– The “sticker” is actually a thin piece of copper
– Looks better than kits with bare ICs

– Only 4800 MHz out of the box
– Expensive
– Only get the 5-year warranty if you register

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