Sabrent Rocket DDR5-4800 32GB Memory Kit Review


The easiest way to overclock on the Intel platform is to simply change the frequency divider in the BIOS. To achieve the best overclock we try to stay with the timings that the XMP profile recommends. If we run into any issues we will bump up the voltage to see if we can get our system to boot and become stable.

This kit by default runs at 4800 MHz. Since we are using an ASUS motherboard we can take advantage of their Enhanced Memory Profile. This is great for kits that do not have an XMP profile. Basically it senses the ICs and determines what the kit can do. For this kit it gave us 6000 MHz with timings of 38-38-38-77, which is quite impressive, a 1200 MHz overclock with lower timings!

sabrent rocket ddr5 oc1

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