Samsung HMX-R10 Full-HD Digital Camcorder Review

Final Thoughts

Personally I am not a big fan of video (and not just because of my shaky hands), but I have enjoyed using the Samsung HMX-R10 camcorder to its full extent. If you are in the market for a compact, Full-HD camcorder, I do recommend taking a look at the Samsung HMX-R10.

The menu system is really easy to follow and to change the settings to suit your needs. If you are not into changing the settings, the default settings themselves work great too.

The design, as I have mentioned above, takes a bit to get used to in regards to the shooting angle you hold the camcorder at; though overtime your wrist will thank you. All the buttons are easily accessible as well, especially when you need to record or need to snap a quick photo. The downside is the wrist strap does not provide my security in making sure you don’t drop the camcorder though. The Samsung HMX-R10 is quite lightweight and that makes it more portable, take it with you practically everywhere!

The Intelli-Studio software suite is great for those quick edits and uploads to share with friends, family and the Internet. The software itself reminds me of Windows Movie Maker, but a bit easier to use. You can easily perform simple edits such as cuts, merges even add come neat transitions. After you are done you can upload to your favorite online sharing site, or save to your computer to upload or view at a later time. It is also built into the camcorder so as long as you can find a Windows based machine, you can load your video and edit them on anyone computer, great for those family functions!


– Touch Screen LCD
– Small and Ergonomic Design
– Full HD Recording Capabilities
– HDMI output
– Built-in Software


– Proprietary USB cable
– Not Great For Shaky Hands