Samsung HMX-R10 Full-HD Digital Camcorder Review

[ad#review1015-top]Do you remember the days where the personal camcorder had to sit up on your shoulder? Perhaps the large VHS tapes which you had to use to record the world around you in video? Well it seems those large and clunky video recorders of the past are definitely long gone. Welcome the Samsung HMX-R10.

Known as one of the smallest, lightest Full-HD camcorder that is no bigger than that regular sized coffee drink you like at your favorite coffee shop, the Samsung HMX-R10 looks as if it is loaded with features without loading you down with extra weight.

What’s Inside The Box?

There are numerous items inside the box that will allow you to use your Samsung HMX-R10 to its full potential. Included in the box are regular AV cables, component video cables, lithium battery, ferrite filters, AC adapter, USB cable, a protective glove and of course, the HMX-R10 camcorder. The only thing that Samsung did not include was an HDMI cable for those who might be able to utilize it.

Samsung HMX-R10 Full-HD Digital Camcorder Samsung HMX-R10 Full-HD Digital Camcorder


The Samsung HMX-R10 is packed with cool features and makes this small compact camcorder a pretty fun device to play with. The main features are:

– Smallest and Lightest camcorder of its kind
– Ergonomic Design
– Built-in PC Software; Intelli-Studio
– High Speed Recording (up to 600fps)
– Face Detection Auto-Focus
– Full-HD at 1080 (1920 x 1080) resolution
– 12 Mega Pixel Photos
– HD Time-Lapse recording
– 2.7″ Wide LCD Touch screen
– Magic Touch Focus

For the complete specifications and feature list you can check out the full manual by downloading it here.