Samsung Shows off Its Under Panel Camera for Laptops

Samsung has released a teaser for its under-screen camera technology, but Samsung likes to call it under panel camera. The technology will be used in Laptops for now.

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Samsung announced its S21 family yesterday and they could have dropped the under panel camera for Galaxy S21 series due to low production yield.

The teaser shows a notebook with razor-thin bezels referred to as Blade Bezel. The under panel camera technology will eliminate the cutout behind the OLED screen giving it an impressive look.

As for the OLED screen, Samsung says the upcoming notebook will feature a 93% display-to-body ratio and a reduced footprint by 50%. The OLED panel will feature a 1mm thickness.

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The reason why Samsung didn’t use this technology in smartphones is that it might have affected the picture quality. Laptop cameras cannot compete with smartphone cameras. Besides the camera, there are other factors such as software that contribute to a high-quality image; hence the Korean Tech giant is using laptops as a medium to experiment with the under panel camera technology.

Via Samsung