Samsung SyncMaster LD190G 19-inch Lapfit USB LCD Monitor Review

I thought this might be a plug and play device with Robyn’s Dell Laptop (with Vista installed) but it wouldn’t recognize it off the bat. I had to download and install the latest Vista drivers from Samsung’s website, though the supplied CD does also have the appropriate drivers. After the driver installation, it recognized the monitor and allowed me to expand the desktop to it. Being able to drag various windows over to the other monitor provides a larger work area, the larger work area (for me) allows for a more efficient work flow.

Samsung SyncMaster LD190G 19-inch Lapfit USB LCD Monitor Samsung SyncMaster LD190G 19-inch Lapfit USB LCD Monitor

The colours on the Samsung LD190G looked better than that on the Dell laptop and being able to expand the desktop on a laptop is great for increase productivity too!

The downside to being a USB monitor, this monitor does not have the capability to be used for applications that require 3D Graphics Acceleration, such as graphically intense games.

For the time I have used the Samsung LD190G I have enjoyed using it. If you are looking to increase your desktop space and you currently own a laptop, the Samsung LD190G will be a perfect fit.

It was a bit weird for a USB device not to be true plug and play, but once you install the proper driver, you never have to worry about that again. Each time you plug the monitor in via USB, the computer recognizes it and automatically remembers the last settings you had (such as extended desktop).

I like how that the design of the LD190G allows it to work relatively seamlessly with laptop displays. Without having a separate stand that boosts the bottom of the display up, moving documents, photos and windows between the monitors has a smooth flow to it.

If you are looking for extended desktop space and own a laptop, I would recommend picking up a Samsung LD190G LCD monitor.

– Small foot print
– Great colour/clairity/sharpness
– Can hook up multiple USB monitors in series

– Must load drivers prior to using
– Due to USB functionality you cannot use 3D graphic accelerated programs