Samsung To Launch Foldable Tablets And Laptops Soon

Samsung is currently experiencing a prosperous phase with its lineup of foldable gadgets, and it’s evident that the company is well-versed in this field. While the latest pair of foldable smartphones might seem like a minor advancement in contrast to the previous year’s achievements, a closer look from an engineering standpoint reveals these devices are truly impressive. There are indications that Samsung has been developing a foldable tablet, and further information about it might come to light in the near future.

According to details gathered from an interview with The Independent, it has been revealed that T.M. Roh, the head of Samsung’s mobile division, discussed the company’s ongoing efforts in developing both foldable tablets and laptops. This announcement holds exciting prospects for those anticipating advancements in foldable technology. In his conversation with the publication, ROH said:

“People open up a book to read and open up a notebook to write something. When they’re not being used or when on the move and they can be folded shut, which makes them more compact and portable, as well as protecting important information inside. It’s just a natural part of human behavior.”

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He additionally verified that the company is presently engaged in the development of such a product. “The advancements implemented in smartphones will eventually extend to tablets and laptops. Samsung is dedicating substantial resources to this endeavor,” Roh emphasized. He also verified that the company is actively involved in laying the groundwork for “foundation technology” in both foldable tablets and laptops. These devices will be introduced when they can deliver significant innovation that truly benefits consumers.

He also touched upon the necessity for foldable tablets or laptops to strike a balance between being slim and lightweight for portability, while also ensuring robustness to alleviate user concerns. This aspect holds significant weight since earlier iterations of foldable phones were notably more delicate compared to their present versions. If a comparable level of durability and structural integrity can be incorporated into foldable tablets and laptops, Samsung has the potential to redefine the market landscape once more. Nonetheless, there is currently no specific timeline available for this development, so patience will be required to witness these changes come to fruition.

The initial wave of speculation emerged in April 2021, suggesting that Samsung might be in the process of developing a triple-folding tablet. Moreover, just a few months ago, Samsung submitted a patent application for a 12.4-inch rollable OLED panel, hinting at the likelihood of the tablet’s potential arrival in the not-so-distant future.

This is indeed thrilling information since it promises not only cutting-edge hardware but also serves as a catalyst for inspiring similar levels of innovation across the market. As a prominent industry frontrunner, Samsung possesses the capacity to shape and drive market trends, a prospect that is highly anticipated and eagerly awaited.

Via The Independent

Image Credit: ASUS