Screenshots From Microsoft Windows 11 PRO Leaked Ahead Of Launch

The screenshots for the next addition to the Windows series have been leaked over at the Chinese Tieba Baidu site. Indeed, it is named Windows 11 Pro and will be based on a 21996.1 build.

Windows 11 PRO

The pictures confirm a clean UI that looks quite similar to the now-canceled Windows 10X. The Windows 10X was tailored for Surface Duo and other low-power devices.In Windows 11 Pro, the taskbar icons and the start button will be centered. Due to this millions of users will have to adjust to a new layout or they could opt for the old one.

Windows 11 PRO 2

The Windows 11 Pro’s new UI has rounded corners and new icons. It will also revive the widgets feature. Windows 11 Pro has been leaked in an early stage so some features might be missing.

windows11 3

The VERGE has confirmed that the leaked ISO is legit. They even provided some screenshots of their own.

Via TheVerge