Scythe Ninja 4 CPU Cooler Review

Scythe has really made a name for themselves in the DIY PC cooling market since being founded back in 2002. Over the years they have had some really great CPU coolers, many which we have reviewed. The Ninja series has primarily been reserved for the top of the line coolers from Scythe and the cooler we have on the review block today definitely fits that bill. It is the Ninja 4, which is the 4th major revision of the famous Ninja cooler. This very large CPU cooler features 4 heatsink stacks, 6 heatpipes, and a 120 mm cooling fan. Can it compete with some of the other larger CPU coolers out there? Read on as we find out!

Special thanks to Scythe for providing us with the Ninja 4 CPU Cooler to review.


specs1 specs2

The Ninja 4 comes in a nice retail box that has a picture of a Ninja on the front. The front also lets us know the compatibility, which is more or less every modern socket on both AMD and Intel.

Scythe Ninja 4 CPU Cooler

Flipping over to the back we have information on support and the warranty.


On one side of the box we have details on some of the main features and technologies used in the cooler.


And on the other side we have a full list of specifications and an overview of dimensions. Good things to know if you have a smaller case or large memory modules.


Opening the box up and getting everything out we have a Ninja 4 CPU cooler, mounting hardware for both Intel and AMD setups, a 120 mm cooling fan, screwdriver, fan clips, Scythe thermal paste, and instructions.

Scythe Ninja 4 CPU Cooler

For a full unboxing and overview of the Scythe Ninja 4 be sure to check out our video below.

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