be quiet! Dark Rock TF CPU Cooler Review

Be quiet’s Dark Rock line of CPU coolers are their high-performance line meant to handle the most extreme processors and thermal loads out there. While most of the coolers in the line are tower coolers there is one that is different, it is the Dark Rock TF. The Dark Rock TF or Dark Rock Top-Flow is a C-type cooler that features two powerful nickel-plated aluminum heat sinks and two 135 mm SilentWings cooling fans. Be quiet calls this cooler a compact cooler, but it is one of the larger C-type coolers that we’ve seen. It is supposed to offer one of the best performance-to-noise ratios in its class. Let’s get it installed and see what it can do!

Special thanks to be quiet! for providing us with the Dark Rock TF CPU Cooler to review.


The Dark Rock TF comes in be quiet’s typical retail packaging, which is really great and informative. On the front it shows a photo of the cooler and lets us know it supports up to a 220W TDP thermal load.

be quiet! Dark Rock TF CPU Cooler

Flipping over the the back we have an overview of the cooler outlining its main features and a full listing of specifications.

be quiet! Dark Rock TF CPU Cooler

Getting everything out of the packaging we have the Dark Rock TF heatsink, two 130 mm SilentWings cooling fans, thermal paste, fan clips, mounting hardware for both AMD and Intel, and instructions.

be quiet! Dark Rock TF CPU Cooler

For a full unboxing and overview of the Dark Rock TF be sure to check out our video below.

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