Scythe Release Grand Kama Cross 2 Top Flow CPU Cooler

We are sure you have hardly seen any exciting top down cooler design but Scythe’s Grand Kama Cross 2 has definitely revolutionized that. This is second personification of Grand Kama Cross series and Is based on the similar unique heat sink design. It comprises of an exclusive X structure that permits the bulk of the heat sink mass to be located in the center and the upward sloping edge which means RAM and motherboard compatibility have greatly improved.

Scythe Grand Kama Cross 2 Top Flow CPU Cooler

It also consists of four copper heat pipes that are apparently of 6mm. These supply to two individual heat sink blocks in which the ventilation is carried out by a 140mm Scythe Glide Stream fan. The fan varies between 37.18CFM/13dBA to 97.18CFM/30.7dBA supporting PWM between 500 and 1300 RPM. An interesting fact about this CPU cooler is that the fan Is based on its own structure. It comes with an anti-vibration rubber frame design and LGA 2011, FM1/2, AM3, LGA 115X.

Scythe Grand Kama Cross 2 Top Flow CPU Cooler

Talking about its measurement, well the heat sink measures, 172.5 X 140 X 140 mm (WxHxD) which makes it 2mm less than its forerunner while weighing 760 grams i.e. 10 grams more than its predecessor.
The Scythe Grand Kama will come with a price of €30.50 excluding tax.

Source: Scythe | News Archive