Seagate FreeAgent Desk 1TB External Hard Drive Review

Final Thoughts
Storage is always something that people need so there really is nothing you can say bad about it. I really like this refresh of the Seagate FreeAgent line of drives. The new modern look will really appeal to people looking for an attractive external hard drive for their desk. The LED display on the front of the drive is also pretty cool.

The included FreeAgent software is a nice plus. It makes setting up backups and syncing folders extremely easy. The included encryption option is a nice bonus and is very easy to use. Also you are able to turn off the LED display on the front of the drive off. While I like this display some people may find it annoying so it is nice that you can turn it off. The only thing I did not like about the software was that I was only able to setup 1 backup plan.

As far as performance goes it is what you would expect from a USB-attached hard drive. This means you can watch movies and listen to music with ease from the drive. For people who want a little more speed the new FreeAgent XTreme has USB, Firewire, and eSATA. Stay tuned for a review of that drive in the coming weeks.

The 1TB version of this drive sells for $199.99 what is what you would expect to pay for a 1TB external drive like this. Also for Mac users Seagate has a Mac version of this drive that has Firewire 800 and supports Time Machine. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Seagate FreeAgent Desk 1TB External Hard Drive a 9 out of 10 score.

– Stylish look
– Cool LED display
– Easy setup
– User-friendly software

– Can only have 1 backup plan

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