Seagate to Release a 10TB Hard Drive Next Year

Seagate really wants to boost the capacity of hard drives and plans on releasing a 10 TB drive in 2015. The company has revealed that it will use shingled magnetic recording (SMR) technology to get the drive into the market in 2015.


This information was revealed by Seagate in an interview with Akiba PC Hotline. The drive will spot six 1.66 TB platters. Seagate did admit that performance of such a drive is rather low due to the nature of shingled magnetic recording technology and other factors. Seagate has said that it is possible to hide some of these drawbacks by installing large DRAM caches on the drives and on top of these extreme capacity drives are not used as boot drives so their performance will not be noticed as much.

So hopefully we can expect a 10 TB drive from Seagate in 2015.

Source: KitGuru | News Archive

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