AMD and NVIDIA’s Next-Gen GPUs Could Be Delayed

According to a new report from WCCFTech, both AMD’s and NVIDIA’s upcoming next-generation GPUs could be delayed, at least the 16 nm or 20 nm versions. For the past 3 years the GPU industry has been stuck on the 28 nm process and while 2014 did bring in TSMC’s 20 nm process much of the early 20 nm process capacity has been given to major clients like Qualcomm and Apple.


Since GPU dies are much larger than mobile SoCs they do take longer to hit an acceptable yield. Because of this both AMD and NVIDIA are left with a very limited supply of 20 nm dies. Because of this shortage NVIDIA decided to release GM204 on the 28 mm process rather than waiting for 20 nm. There have been many rumors that NVIDIA might actually skip 20 nm all together and move straight to the 16 nm process. Just like the 20 nm process the 16 nm process will also have these supply issues and could push back NVIDIA’s next-gen GPU to 2016. This means that we could see NVIDIA’s GM200 release at 28 nm and then Pascal at 16 nm.

On AMD’s side they released the minor refresh to Tonga at 28 nm (R9 285), with the true next-gen flagship card to be built on the 20 nm process. This card was expected to be released in Q1 of 2015, but it appears now to be delayed until Q2 2015 once the 20 nm supply stabilizes.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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