Thursday, July 19, 2018

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TSMC Will Not Make any 20nm GPUs, Invests Billions in 16nm

Late last year we reported that AMD had cut ties with TSMC and would be manufacturing their GPU and APU products at Global Foundries. NVIDIA still uses TSMC to manufacture their chips, but recently they have moved to Samsung for 14 nm production. TSMC has just announced that they will not make any 20 nm GPUs at all, if anything 20 nm comes out of TSMC it will be low power ASICs.

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AMD and NVIDIA’s Next-Gen GPUs Could Be Delayed

According to a new report from WCCFTech, both AMD's and NVIDIA's upcoming next-generation GPUs could be delayed, at least the 16 nm or 20 nm versions. For the past 3 years the GPU industry has been stuck on the 28 nm process and while 2014 did bring in TSMC's 20 nm process much of the early 20 nm process capacity has been given to major clients like Qualcomm and Apple.

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Samsung Starts Production of 20nm 4GB DDR3 Memory

Samsung today announced that it is mass producing the most advanced DDR3 memory, based on a new 20 nanometer process technology, for use in a wide range of computing applications. Samsung has pushed the envelope of DRAM scaling, while utilizing currently available immersion ArF lithography, in its roll-out of the industry's most advanced 20-nanometer (nm) 4-gigabit (Gb) DDR3 DRAM.

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Intel Atom N2xxx ULV CPUs Detailed

Intel has come up with its latest low voltage CPUs which includes three models under the atom N2xxxx series. These are N2805. N2810, N2910 manufactured on 20nm technology. These three models have been added today to Intel’s official pricelist. Their names indicate that they are atoms but they are enlisted in the ULV Celeron M section. The top SKU includes four cores with no hyper-threading technology which probably means that they are based on the new valley view M core.

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