Seagate Will Launch Mass-Market 20TB HDDs Soon

SSDs enjoy a great reputation due to their high transfer rate and portability. However, Seagate’s recent plan for consumer HDDs will attract some attention. As per Seeking Alpha, Seagate’s 20TB enterprise exclusive hard drives will now be available to the public later in 2021.

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Conventional hard drives are the first choice for gaming PCs, considering the great price per GB they offer. Considering that most of the older games don’t benefit from SSDs, a large HDD is actually beneficial.

“We have a number of different 20TB platforms coming: PMR, SMR, HAMR,” said Mosley. “There are a lot of different flavors of them, and they are targeted to different customers so different qualification schedules for each. We are very aggressive with the 20TB qualification”

Seagate states that its 20TB hard drive can use the same technology as their current models use:long-standing PMR (Perpendicular magnetic recording). However, the new HAMR (Heat-assisted magnetic recording) design will allow storage of more data and an even larger hard drive can be created in the future. Seagate has not provided a price tag yet but considering Seagate’s $349.99 MSRP for 10TB Barracuda Pro HDD we can expect a higher price tag for these upcoming models.

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It is best to use HDD’s backlog space until HDDs with this huge capacity get cheaper.

Via SeekingAlpha